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Why do people do things? Is it their motivation and hopes, is that their drive? Do they even fully know what they want? Do I even know what I want? Are they wary that life might change its course and they might not get what they originally intended for? Do people even think before they act? Do they think about a billion scenarios before they do something? Why do people do things knowing they shouldn’t? Do people realize how toxic they are? Do they realize that no one is perfect including themselves? Why are humans so irrational? Is it the animal in us? Are we actually intellectuals or do we just like to think of ourselves like that? How come some people’s perspective and beliefs are still archaic if we live in the 21st century and in a place where we are free to do whatever we please? Are we really free if people think they have the right to judge us? Why do we let those things affect us? Can we even control that? Is that loss of control the reason why some people are unreasonable? Does individuality create problems? Or is it the whole as a society that is really the problem? Are people more sensitive or harsh? Is it that they have more passion? Do they think that justifies them and give them the right to say and do whatever they please without regard for others? How come we can not fully understand feelings? Do we actually understand feelings but when it comes to others we don’t care because we rather put ourselves first? If we understood feelings better would we live in a better society? Would it improve communication? Would it make relationships and bonding with others easier? Does anyone truly know themselves? Is not knowing yourself a blessing or a curse? Is it better to live in a happy ignorant bubble or be aware of what a shitty person you are or the terrors of the world? How can anyone help someone else if they can’t help themselves? How come humans haven’t been endangered like other animals? Would it improve the overall well being of the earth if we were endangered? How did I get to this point? Am I a humanitarian? Why do I care about this? Is that my main question…why does anyone care about anything? And why are double standards still a thing? How can someone’s decisions bother someone else? And why should I change what I’m doing to make you feel better? If my breathing irritates someone should I stop breathing? Can judgment cease to exist? Do people not know the difference between constructive criticism and giving off hate? Why do people feel the need to even put in their input? How can people be sensitive yet rude and be assholes to others and not expect the same back? Did everyone miss the lesson do unto others what you want to be done to you? What makes a person good and what makes them bad? Is anyone 100% anything? How can anyone fully be anything when there are so many perspectives and outlooks for any topic? Why are humans so complex and intricate? Does religion have an impact on people’s actions? Shouldn’t a religious and spiritual person know the proper way to treat others? Why are some people so offensive and harmful to others emotionally, verbally and physically in the name of their Jesus and God? What makes someone an atheist? Why does the word hold such negative association? Am I an atheist? How do you know if you believe in God? Why are some atheists better people than devout Christians? Does everyone judge a book by its cover? What about its title? Why do we put titles and labels on everything including ourselves? Is picking something really holding us back in the end? How come we are supposed to pick one thing to do for the rest of our lives and expected to stick to it? How much did we pick up from our parents, how much blame can be put on them? What’s the point? What if an apocalyptic event happens? Would we all have to learn to be badass demon fighters? Would I be the first to go because I tripped on my own foot as I was running away? How come minds go from topic to topic? Why don’t some people filter what they say? What makes something acceptable? How does anyone know what could be considered morally correct? Can someone’s thoughts be unacceptable if thoughts are nothing without action?


3 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Xhesika Malecaj

    It’s funny how similar our themes are and yet how different. Although, I was writing my thoughts while writing a blog post, we had similar topics come to mind. We both thought about if we are bad people. What’s funny is I just noticed that I also did discuss religion(heaven vs hell), but I never intended to or even noticed until I read your post. Now I’m wondering how such similar thoughts came to both of us. How the mind can go from one topic to the other. How the mind can make anything relate and by the end of it you end up in a place you never expected and when you look at where you started it is like a maze to get back there. Now I’m very interested in how thoughts happen. Michael also did a question essay, but his had a specific topic. I like how ours went everywhere, showing the exact opposite. I’m still wondering about how such important themes of religion and morality came to both of us while we were writing two different essays. Maybe in the end it is a very human and natural thing to think about those topics. Also, loved the comedy of the tripping over your shoes, because same!

  2. Xhesika Malecaj

    Also, both of us mostly asked why questions. Is it because when children are growing up they are always asking why? When we finally get the freedom to ask questions without it feeling like you are dumb, we go back to our childlike tendencies.

    1. Dhipinder Walia

      I’m so happy you read Jolaynie’s post Xhesika, as I too think there are a lot of parallels between your posts. Jolaynie, thank you for sharing these questions. All of them focus on philosophical questions of morality, motivation, and humanity. I’d be curious to hear your personal relationship to these important philosophical ideas. I was also curious about the apocalypse you mention. Is that a scenario that might make room for an investigation of morality, the self, and what it means to be human? I only ask because of the funny note about tripping on your shoe…it felt like the first time you bring yourself into the narrative. I’m excited to see where this autoethnography takes you!

      Sign into hypothesis for more annotations.

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