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personal cherry coke

When I was younger, I had made friends at local internet cafes. I would come in and sit next to a random stranger playing the same game, and within a few minutes we would end up in the same server or lobby. Growing up, I was often referred to as a tomboy because of my association with videogames and mostly male friends playing videogames. After moving several times, I had been disconnected from internet cafes and videogames itself. However, over time I had gotten back to online multiplayer games where I developed friends at the comfort of my own home. Moreover, I had developed friendships in online gaming communities by watching competitive esports. Even in a completely different environment and setting, I often find myself to be one of the few women engaged in this community. I guess my personal cherry coke is how one shared personal interest can lead to lasting friendships regardless of the setting or circumstances those are established. I still have that one friend whom I met 10 years ago and still keep in touch, but have never met in person.

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  1. Dhipinder Walia

    I’m not sure I follow the specific events you’re synthesizing. Is it the moment you played video games at cafes vs. the moment you played games with your friends in the room? If so, what new ideas come from breaking those two moments down? I’m not sure I see the connection between the above moments and your last statement about shared interests create friendships. A sentence that explains how friendships were formed when you played games with your friends in the room might help clarify.


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