English Composition 121

Comfort Zone

David Taveras

ENG 121

Professor Walia



Comfort Zone

It’s hard to find a study that is completely related to my topic because comfort zone has a more assumed position in the human psyche. It’s not concrete but we all know it’s there. So after scavenging the multiverse we call the Internet I found a study that was done by Yale and the conclusion they came to, to make a long story short, was that stability is like an off switch for the mind. They did this study by using monkeys. They presented monkeys with different tasks where the outcome was fixed and fluctuating then they measured fundamental brain activity and what they found further proves my point. They found that areas of the frontal cortex were more stimulated in monkeys that had tasks where the outcome was not fixated. The body is forced to learn because it is getting out of its comfort zone. When you read one line of a book over and over again eventually you won’t struggle to read it and it will become second nature but when that happens your brain is no longer learning its when you read different lines that your brain is learning to deal with the new situations it’s being confronted with. The study doesn’t show how having a fixated outcome helped which in my opinion is also beneficial because it would make you more efficient at executing the task youre told to do since you’ve been doing it and knowing the outcome. Since you’ve been doing that you’re able to execute the movement more efficiently and commit the task to muscle memory.



One thought on “Comfort Zone

  1. Dhipinder Walia

    Thanks, David. Your summary of this Yale study is strong, and I appreciate the connection you’ve made to your project. Moving forward, I want you to now go beyond what the comfort zone can do. In other words, what other questions do you want to pose about the comfort zone?
    Log in to hypothesis for more annotations.

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