English Composition 121

Reflection of All Blog Posts

Throughout this semester, the blog posts that I had written all had a certain connection to my final project in the class. The blogs focused on different aspects and approaches to one topic and helped me expand my pool of ideas. Many of the blogs would indirectly formulate the paragraphs of my main project. The first post helped me formulate three general ideas that I would be able to unify under one topic. The third one focused on interviewing a friend, who had a similar background to me. This blog helped me clear my thoughts on the psychological challenges of my journey as I would look over my peer’s past and reflect it to my own.

The blogs were less formal than a standard 4 paragraph essay, which helped open up the fluidity of thoughts. Ultimately, it facilitated the creative thinking as I did not have to focus so much on the structure of the post, but rather only the flow of thoughts. Another thing that was great about having the freedom of choice when writing these blog posts was that each post was able to come back to a similar theme, and expand it throughout the semester. Right after the first blog post, I was set on a particular topic, and since then all the other posts would come back to reflecting the main project’s idea.

What I hope the blog posts show is the chain of thoughts I had with regards to my project’s topic, and how I was able to build upon it with each successive blog post. I want the blog posts to show the expanding pool of ideas and references to my final project, that would come together from different angles. The blog posts may not be perfectly connected to each other and the project, however, they show the process of formulating ideas and the structure of the main project.


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