English Composition 121

All about that APA

Everything you need to know about APA can be found here: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/03/

To ensure you’re prepared for an exam on APA citation style and/or submitting a paper that must be in APA style, be sure you’ve investigated the following:

  • How am I supposed to FORMAT my paper in APA style?
    • Formatting includes: cover page, heading, header, font size, margins, acronym usage, dealing with tables, subheadings, page numbers
  • How am I supposed to cite a quote/passage that I have PARAPHRASED?
    • In-text citations are required in APA for both direct quotations and paraphrases.
  • What does an in-text citation look like in APA?
    • (LAST NAME, YEAR of PUBLICATION, p. #). OR According to Blake (2010), “This is how you cite in APA (p. 4).
    • What if I don’t know the author?
    • What if I don’t know the year of publication?
    • What if there’s no page #?
  • What does a reference page look like in APA?

Here are some videos that might be useful as well:




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