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Congratulations! You have made it to the end of the semester. For your final post/comment, I’d like you to reflect on the following quote:

“Writing is really a way of thinking — not just feeling but thinking about things that are disparate, unresolved, mysterious, problematic or just sweet.” -Toni Morrison

What have you thought about through writing this semester? What will you continue to think about through your written auto ethnography?


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14 thoughts on “Final Post

  1. Prince Asiedu Boakye

    Prior to taking this writing class, I taught writing was just about reading a paragraph and summarizing it. Taking this writing class have made me think differently about writing. Writing now I think can be used to express the way we feel and how we make others feels. Writing can make one connects with you in a different. Writing I think can lead you to research about things you wouldn’t have done. For example , with me , it was through this writing class I got the chance to know about literacy in India.

  2. Nieve Ramgahan

    Writing to me has always been very personal and throughout this class I was able to share ideas about what writing is and learn about its structure in a constructive environment. I thought about writing more so as an art form viewing it through a lens that focuses on what it consists of rather than just simply creative writing throughout English 121. I absolutely adore the fact that we were able to do it together as a whole and respect one another’s voices in the process of doing so. I continued to think about the components of an auto ethnography as I was writing my own to remind myself of the particular elements that shaped it to ensure that if I did not include them, it would no longer be what it was meant to be.

  3. Gnogna Fathima Lye

    I agree with the quote. Writing is a way of thinking and as we write we build off of ideas and even build new ones. Writing this semester and the topics in which we discussed were interesting. I think my favorite has to be the discourse community and the way they incorporate writing. I never really considered the writing aspect in discourse communities and that made me go outside the box and explore. It was fun to incorporate modern and relevant content. As far as the autoethnography goes, the topic I chose is very relevant to me and many others around me. Not only was it an assignment but also something that occurs every day. Moving forward I will still continue to think about the way people’s ignorance affect us when it comes to being identified a certain way.

    Side Note: It’s been great having you as my professor for this class this semester! Enjoy!

  4. Rebeca Aragon

    The quote, “Writing is really a way of thinking — not just feeling but thinking about things that are disparate, unresolved, mysterious, problematic or just sweet.” by Toni Morrison is important when it comes to me writing. I’ve always liked writing, however, when I began taking AP English courses in my high school, the workload became too much to handle and I felt pressured when writing. I felt as if writing was a chore and I had to only write the way the AP English book told me to write. I felt as if I was trapped in a box and there was no way out. In the beginning of the semester, I dreaded coming to class because I thought it was going to be like my AP English classes. However, it was totally different. Slowly but surely, I began liking writing again. At first I was hesitant about writing freely, but after I started to enjoy putting my own spin to my writing pieces. I will continue to think about my voice, not the authors voice, not my classmates voice, but MY voice when I am writing my auto-ethnography.

  5. Yarielid Torres

    First of all, this is a very nice quote! It defines in other words what writing is really all about, experiencing and having a different way of thinking. This semester I have thought about so many things when it comes to writing, from expressing feelings to capturing the readers attention, the importance of writing in first, second or third person, etc. I have learned that it’s not only about pleasing what you desire to read but what others are interested in too. In my written auto ethnography I will continue to think about the importance that it is to focus on personal opinions and how writing can help you with any career that any one decides to have. Personal experience is the key to my autoethnography and explaining things in my own words as well.

  6. Aktia Ridhima

    Writing to me is always of thinking and writing is very important to us because we share our feelings with others through writing. Writing helps to us to gain more knowledge and helps to get more new ideas. This semester the topics we discussed in class were amazing. My favorite assignment was literacy narrative because this was the easiest assignment I was able to do because I wrote about myself and that assignment was not difficult as the other assignments were. Also, writing also helps us to make a connection with others. The more we write the more we will be able to get better knowledge and our writing skills will get better.

  7. Guevara Torres

    Writing certainly influences your way of thinking. It will change how you view issues as well as push an individual to break down information so that it is easier for the reader to comprehend. What may be considered a debate among friends, may not convey a convincing argument towards a subject that a written argument would have no issue with. Additionally, for the writer, the consistent use of writing provides the writer with a set of tools on how to establish an idea if they ever need to help others understand a perspective other than their own or to inform others of the advantages or disadvantages of something that interests both parties. Writing changes a person by encouraging them to think of compelling ways to transcribe an idea and possibly develop new ones along the way. An adaptive quality that is very valuable.

  8. Anabel Sosa

    I agree with the quote Writing is a way of thinking and as we are writing we collect a lot of information and the way to let all of that out is by writing. And while you are writing you might think of other stuff that connects to it. My thoughts about writing this semester was very eye opening because i didn’t really like to write but this class taught me that writing isn’t hard and just to write and don’t stop. Ill continue to think about through my written auto ethnography is to just write and when you done check it over and erase. Also to go more in depth and analyze more and be very specific .

  9. Johnnie Grant

    I agree with this quote, writing is a way of thinking. I say this statement because when I write I be thinking. When writing you think about numerous of things as it is stated in the quote. I enjoyed some of the writing this semester, particularly the literacy campaign. In my English 121 course I’ve learned a lot about writing from quoting, to summarizing, and much more. I thought writing this semester was challenging because I’ve always struggle from writing; however, I can say today that I’m a better writing because of my English class.

  10. Isreal Adjei

    writing initially I thought was something very easy to do but realized it has to do with your better understanding of the subject matter also. if I were asked the meaning of writing, I would say creating paragraphs from passages, reframing or summarizing them. my taking this course has broadened my knowledge about writing so in the outside world can help others to also understand better. it’s been a great joy getting to know much about writing and it’s going to help me throughout the days of school. Through writing we got to share our personal experiences with others and also learn from them.

  11. Christian Bolivar

    What I can reflect about this quote is that it essentially defines what writing is. Writing is just thoughts given form for those to see and even then there is still things that is difficult to put on paper for a multitude of reasons. What I have thought about this semester is a sense of purpose and drive that I have lacked in most other classes. I have mostly thought about story telling since that is what my Autoethnography is actually about.

  12. Katarina Bustoz

    Toni Morrison’s quote concerning writing is, in my opinion, a great way to consider writing. One forces themselves to slow down and examine when they’re writing, whether it’s for academic or personal reasons. It reminds me of a piece of advice I received from a writing instructor in high school. She said, “You have an idea, but slow down here.” the piece she was referring to was a narrative, but I think the slower approach applies to all writing. When one is more careful with significant details, they change how they approach their writing, and by extension, their way of thinking.

  13. Reina Henriquez

    I agree with this quote, because writing for me it it thinking,but it also can be feeling people can do both at the same time. when you are thinking you are making connection and brain storm. I enjoyed the writing of this class because felt like it was helping and i was able to make personal connection which it is meaningful for me to be able to write about my struggle in life and it also made me feel good about my self. I feel like my writing has improve and feel more comfortable writing and now I know in which things I need to keep work on.

  14. saul

    Massive knowledge of writing taking with me for the rest of my life. writing has showed me a way of expressing myself and showing my story out to the public. it has helped me overcome writer’s block, as I said in the beginning of the semester my continuous struggle with blocking my ideas and not being able to put it on a paper. Even though there was a lot of writing in the course, I was always able to find my way out and succeed on my papers. it’s been an eyeopener on me realizing how important and diverse is writing. Very thankful of what I’ve learned and the good semester I had.

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