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rapidfire thingy

Recently, I was sharing the news of my admissions to everyone that I thought really helped me get there and as well as those who would entertain me – I would not and could not stop thinking and talking about it. However, someone was ‘disappointed’ in my success. I think that this decision is one of the few things that genuinely made me happy and I got disappointed. I just wish that he would stop putting himself before me and just be happy that I am happy.

I would like to visit Keri 4 years ago, when she was slowly receiving her waitlists and rejections from undergraduate universities – approximately 22. I want to tell her that it is okay, it will be okay, and that everything else is just noise. Keep doing you homie.

No one really – I feel like I’m at that point where I know my family well enough and that I’m trying to figure myself out along the way. Too many things to consider there.

Local Event:
Nothing. I feel like I don’t know or am well aware enough of events around me that I would really want to learn more about it. I dont know and this makes me feel like I’m not interesting enough.

I’m a big videogame person – I spend my time either on Twitch watching games or playing the game itself. Recently, there was this really big event on Fortnite where Marshmello held an in game virtual concert. I knew nothing about this artist, but that experience really made an impact to you. The marketing and the thoughtfulness of connecting with the large playerbase was something very respectable and memorable. It was just a great experience.

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