English Composition 121

Literature Review: Privilege

In America, the white population has enjoyed an special privilege since the founding of the nation. They will do anything necessary to keep it for themselves. 

Since the founding of the United States, the white population has enjoyed a higher status than other ethnicities. They have social channels that help them stay comfortable and enjoy a sort of luxury that others can’t enjoy. According to Vance(2016), “Now, after only a year at Yale Law, my classmates and I were being handed Six-figure salaries by men who had argued before the United States Supreme Court” (p 213). But when they see something ignore or attacks their privilege, they would do whatever they can to keep their special privilege. According to Anderson(2016) the GOP would even “create similar series of hypotheses to rationalize voter suppression”, referencing Jim Crow, to keep their control on Government (p 141).

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