English Composition 121


General guidelines about our blog: You are all administrative users on our course blog. This means you have the ability to create posts. Remember, when you’re adding a post, prior to clicking publish, be sure you have checked the appropriate category. This ensures your post will show up on the appropriate page.

Additionally, we have a plug-in on our blog titled, hypothes.is. It’s an annotation tool. Feel free to use it to talk to others about their writing. Of course, you can also go the traditional posting-a-comment route.

In-Class Writing (30% of your grade)

Details: During the first 20 minutes and/or the last 20 minutes of class, I will ask you to discuss an article read prior to  class and apply a concept discussed in class. You’ll be expected to post your response on our blog. It is useful for you to do your best work as the kind of writing you’ll be doing might spark some ideas for your other assignments. Because I totally get writing for time anxiety, I have done my best to provide the prompts on our syllabus; however, it is possible that prompts might change, so it is important to come to class.

There are about 15 to 20 posts you will be completing throughout the semester. Each post will be worth two points:

1 point-Coherence: Are your ideas clear? If they are not clear, have you revised your post based on your professor’s suggestions?

1 point– Preparedness: Based on your post, is it clear that you have read the assigned texts for homework and/or understood concepts discussed in class.

Do note, you should always look around and see what your colleagues are posting. I find the best way to get inspiration is to read other people’s writing. Mark your enthusiasm or curiosity by commenting on your colleagues’ work. As an (cheesy) incentive, I do give extra credit for thoughtful comments.


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