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Analysis of Child’s drawing

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9 thoughts on “Analysis of Child’s drawing

  1. Reina Henriquez

    Most people think that Kayla’s drawing is about being happy, what they don’t know that the drawing is actually about being outrage. The color red can mean anger and that is what Kayla was going for in the drawing. You can see the energy she put into the drawing.

  2. Kemar and Saul

    The child drawing depicts a mother, a bed, and what looks like the child’s little sister. The child states that the mother in the picture is happy while the little sister is sad next to a bed. We believe that the picture is saying that the little sister is sad because the mother is telling the sister to go to bed.

  3. YarielidTorres

    In Zion’s drawing of “The bad guy”, he illustrates his negative image of a male. We can observe that the guy is crying because he has been bad.
    – Estefania Carrera
    – Porshe Maysonet
    -Yarielid Torres

  4. Bryan Israel Max

    Our interpretation of Patricia’s “A girl on a boat and her sister.” is that this drawing might represent a memory that the illustrator wanted to express. We can also assume that Patricia has better verbal skills rather than drawing skills because it’s hard to interpret what we see in the drawing without any context. There isn’t much to interpret from this picture because it doesn’t specify certain things like time, setting, or importance.

  5. Nieve Ramgahan, Rebeca Aragon

    Most people think Franyelis’s drawing is about random letters written on the page, what they don’t know is it’s actually about Franyelis’s parents calling her grandmother due to a happy occasion such as good news. This news could have been Franyelis starting school for the first time September 7th. The happy occasion or memorable moment comes from the mother’;s smile and three letters represent Franyelis’s new learning of the alphabet in her transition to school.

  6. Guevara Torres and Aktia Ridhima

    Jaleigh identitifies herself as a rainbow fish. Possibly because of how many feeling she has.

    Aktia Ridhima
    Guevara Torres

  7. Erick Ochieng

    Prince and Erick

    The child’s drawing is a representation of rainbow because it has different colors. Like a rainbow the drawing has seven colors. However in the drawing, the different colors was important rather than the actual shape of a rainbow.

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