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I am writing my project in a room. The room has a bookshelf. The room has books. The room has a bed. The room has makeup. The room has a closet. The room has toys. The room has jewelry. The room has perfume. The room has a dressing table. The room has a computer. The room is mine. The room has a clock. Next to me is a bed and next to me is a desk. There is another bed. That has a yellow comforter and thin bedding. That has a teddy bear.

I think the pillow is a Bangladeshi cotton. I sit at front of the computer. I write on my laptop. The computer desk has a desktop, computer monitor, computer mouse. There are speakers. There is a lamp. The clock is close to the computer. The bookshelf is next to the desk. My bed has a comforter with paisley designs and pillow with bed frame that is wooden. There are designs. The comforter is fluffy. The desk has notebooks, folders, books, calculators, paint, The Alchemist. I feel most comfortable at my home. That is where we grow up. There are ruckus of people is familiar. While that is a distraction, that is also normal. As I am sitting I can see other houses. I wonder if they can see me. There are people working on the roof of another house there. I think home gives a comfortability where youre surrounded by your loved ones. You know this environment since you grew up there. I write on my bed if I feel tired. Usually I write at the computer desk. I could talk about immigrants housing because with a bunch of houses we settled on that house.

I like hearing familiar voices as I work because that comforts me. I think the room is familiar. I have done homework here for most of my life. I think the writing process will be the same. The project is an autoethnography. However, I have not written an autobiography before. If I am writing about immigrants I might reflect on how we made A home here. How we settled here. How immigrants work and come home. How they work at workplaces where they hire immigrants or low wage work. How they try to save their customs at home. How they try to have their homes resemble aspects of their home country. My home has a replica rickshaw.

Some homes have painting that depict their heritage. We have books in Bangla. When I see books next to me, I think about the material. Smelling food, I know there is a “reward” after I finish my work. That sort of gives me a sense of chronology. Being an immigrant, I don’t want to smell like “ethnic” food. At middle school, I heard a lot of curry jokes. I even asked a friend if I actually smell like curry and she said no they are just being racist. Food customs is significant to immigrant life. I am mindful of that when I am writing. We can reflect our lives as immigrants at home. I think about our first home with the lovable relatives I  remember my family trying breakfast and eating butter with bread and sugar. I also think about the home where we lived downstairs with another immigrant family living upstairs. I love the backyard. The house is comfortable. I remember the home with the Bengali landlord and we made friends with the black and Bengali family living upstairs. I made friends with my Northern Deshi neighbors with a girl named Ruby who I remember has a phone with a keychain. I made friends with a neighbor who is a very modernized Bangladeshi and she is very sweet. I remember her buying me chips.

I reflect on how these create the immigrant experience. I reflect on how we settled here. I reflect on how there are many Bengalis here. I reflect on how important that is to feel comfortable with the people who live close to you. I reflect on how important that is to have comfort with people surrounding you. I reflect how important the language you speak at home with love. I think about how immigration affects learning. Some immigrant moms are stay at home moms and tend to their children’s studies. While other immigrants great parents work and do not give much attention to their children’s studies.

Immigrants have learning styles. Some are more careful with their children’s studies. My parents could not tend to my studies also I had to study myself. Some are more nonchalant with their children’s studies. That is a technique with which immigrating affects learning. Immigrant learning is therefore valuable like that.

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