English Composition 121

May 1st (reflective writing)

Over the course of the semester I have written many blog posts. Some of these posts were unrelated to my final project, but the majority of them are. Towards the beginning of the semester I started writing about things such as sample topics to delve deeper into in addition to thinking about the place I would be writing in, and I completed many other blog posts that relate to my final project such as where I made a journal entry related to a person connected to my auto ethnography as well as the artwork I made of a place related to my final project.

These blog posts are all connected by shared lessons. The lessons of writing that are shared are the idea that it is okay to write personally, the idea that you have to take time to do research in order to compose writing sometimes, and the idea that there are many different “types of writing”. Each blog post explores a different “type of writing” (such as interviewing, writing a journal entry, and writing a critique). These lessons learned are important in that it opens you up to what it takes to write composition in any field, and learning about different “types of writing” is important because then you can write in those types if you are ever required to do so.

When the reader reads my blog post I hope that they realize how far I have come in my writing journey. Over the course of the semester I have written many pieces. While writing these pieces my writing has improved, I have learned about many more types of writing, and I have learned more about myself through the various blog posts I have written. As a result of this I hope the reader sees how my relationship with writing has evolved over time (personally, and academically).

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