English Composition 121

Literacy Narrative

This narrative is going to be graded out of 20 points and is worth 10% of your grade. The following is a breakdown of how I’m going to be grading:

5 points- Mastery of “Effective Communication”- I’m expecting clear topic sentences, organized paragraphs, effective transitions, a clear purpose/thesis statement, and a proofread draft. Additionally, the 750 word requirement isn’t a guesstimate: your paper should be at minimum 750 words.

5 pointsSpecificity of moments chosen for reflection- It’s not enough to say, “I remember high school and it being really difficult.” We didn’t enjoy the literacy narratives read for homework because they were general; we enjoyed them because of how specific the moments were. I am going to hold you to those same standards. I want to feel like I’m with you as you describe a specific moment in your educational, writing, and/or digital career. Remember show, don’t tell!

5 pointsAbility to analyze significance of moments- The significance of your moment[s] chosen occurs only when you analyze/reflect on the role it played in your overall life. I want to see thoughtful consideration of how a moment as minor as a sixth grade teacher mispronouncing your name impacted your affection for writing.

5 pointsWho is your audience- We’ve talked about audience and the role they play in creating texts. Who do you imagine your audience is? You can simply state who should be interested in your story, or you can talk directly to this audience. Either way, it should be clear to me that you’ve paid attention to the relationship your work has to an outside reader.

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