English Composition 121

bp7: reflection on workshop

1. summary of what your partner or professor believe you need to do before submitting final draft

While I want to focus on reflecting on my partner’s comments on my second draft, it is worth noting that both my professor and partner recommend that I focus on sharing my own personal journey with gaming. Definitely break down some of the terms that I explore in my paper.

2. summary of what you believe you need to do before submitting final draft

As mentioned by my partner and professor, I need to involve myself a lot more in the paper. Talk about how I started getting into playing games and how that essentially evolved into watching games. Explore what it means to be a spectator vs a gamer, and how that impacts me as a person.

3. a direct response to a line of criticism in which you explain why you agree or why you disagree and wont make a suggested change

Danielle wrote: I would like to see you elaborate on what good content is for some female streamers/influencers and why you think it is deemed good.

I definitely agree with this line of criticism, because the word “good content” is really hard to define or pinpoint. Content creation in general is very hard to explain, especially when each person has their own individual brand that they are representing. For example, Mr. Beast is a content creator focused on giving away money to practically anyone, and in that sense it is good content because it is somehow entertaining and looking at people’s responses receiving the donations are also really great. I think I would definitely break down what it means to have “good content” for female versus male streamers. Maybe explain a little bit about the concept of female streamers using their sexuality such as Amouranth and Pink Sparkles as opposed to Loeya, and then compare these two spectrums against popular male streamers such as Tyler1 or Dr. Lupo. Just thinking back on this it seems like there is a wide spectrum of streamers in the field, and I really do need to break those down and establish these differences.

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